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10. Lewis George GEIS (1) was born on 16 Jul 1859 in New Jersey. He died on 12 Jul 1927 in Belvidere, Warren Co., N.J..
This is Lewis Geis' obituary as it appeared in the Easton Express.
Note spelling errors.

July 12, 1927 Easton Express

Lewis Geis

Lewis Geis died at his home on the
Pequest Farms, near Belvidere, at
9 o’clock this morning from complica-
tions following an illness of three
weeks. Mr. Geis would have been 68
years of age on Saturday next. He
was a former resident of Belvidere
and became a tenant on the farms
eight years ago. Deceased is survived
by his wife; a son, George D. Geis,
deputy county clerk; a daughter, Mrs.
Bertha Beibeikyser, of Morristown;
two brothers, Samuel, of Buttsville,
and Furman of Dunellen and a sis-
ter, Mrs. Jennie Hothlander, of Allen-
town. He also leaves six grandchil-
dren. Mr. Gesis was a member of the
Belvidere Methodist Episcopal church
and Covenant Lodge, No. 13, I.O.O.
F., of Belvidere.

I wonder if I.O.O.F. stands for Independant Operators of Farms????-Bertha B. Buttner

From a letter to Ina Biebigheiser Williams from Sadie Smith Geis- dated Jan.2, 1973:

"Dear Ina,
Glad to hear you are getting along fine. I do know a little bit about your Grandpa &
Grandma Geis. They both were born in 1959. I don’t know Grandpa Geis’ father’s first
name but he married an Indian and I’m quite sure her maiden name was Huefish.
Grandma Geis’ maiden name was Reimel. Her father’s name was Jerry Reimel.
I’m sure they were Pennsylvania Dutch. I also think that Grandma Geis’ mother was a

From a letter to Bertha Biebigheiser Buttner from Sadie Smith Geis dated-Feb. 23, 1980:

"Dear Bertha,
I’m sorry but I don’t believe I can help you any more. My husband George told me
about his grandfather being a stowaway and grandmother an Indian but don’t remember
his telling their first names. George’s father lived on Brisbane’s Island on the Delaware
River just a short distance from Belvidere on Rt. 46. His father died in July 1927.
Hope I have helped you a little. Margaret was here a few weeks ago and I don’t think
she was feeling so good.
Aunt Sadie"

From a note to Bertha Biebigheiser Buttner from Sadie Smith Geis dated -March 26, 1980:

"Dear Bertha,
I found out that Brisbane’s Island was also called Mack’s Island. You might be able
to get information at the Warren County clerks office at the court house 2nd Street
Belvidere, N.J. 07823
Also they have old records at the Warren Co. library in Belvidere. You could write to
them or come around and I could take you there to find out.
Aunt Sadie"

Lewis Geis' birth certificate list his name as Louis Guise and his parents as
John & Keziah Gueise

Lewis Geis' daeth certificate list him as Lewis Geis and his parents as
John Geis and Elizabeth Huefish.

My sister( Sarah Biebigheiser Turner) told me recently that our mother was told by someone in the family that Lewis Geis met his wife Allura when they were both working at/ on an estate. He as a gardener and she as a maid. Allura had to work to support herself and her daughter Edna because Allura first husband Edward Quick was killed by a train 6 months before Edna was born.

I have yet to find any records to support this however.- Bertha B. Buttner

Lewis Geis' death certificate states that he died from carcinoma of the stomach..
It also states his occupation as gardener.

George D. Geis' signature is signed as informant for death certificate.

Lewis Geis is buried in Belvidere cemetery. He was married to Allura Frances REIMEL about 1887 in unknown location.(2) 1900 Census for Warren Co. ( Belvidere, N. J.) states they had been married for 13 years at time census was taken which was July 9, 1900.

11. Allura Frances REIMEL was born on 21 Mar 1860 in Riverton, Northampton Co., PA. She died on 20 Mar 1936 in Belvidere, Warrenn Co., N.J.. Children were:

child5 i. Bertha Laycock GEIS.
child ii. George Dalley GEIS was born on 8 May 1891 in Belvidere, Warrenn Co., N.J.. He died on 15 Nov 1966 in Belvidere, Warrenn Co., N.J..

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