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Welcome to BB's Money Savers!

Here are some of the ways in which I save money. I hope they will
of use to you.
Use coupons and look for bargains/sales at the stores. If you can
buy it when its on sale AND use a coupon - that's even better.
Word of advice on coupons - don't buy something just because you
have a coupon for it. If it's something you use anyway or you want
to try it out - then use the coupon. Sometimes you can find
what you need/want for less in a store or generic brand.
Buy store and/or generic brands.
Make it yourself.
Use less and make it last longer. That is DON'T WASTE!
Use the library instead of buying expensive books, magazines,
CD's, videos, cassettes,etc. I use the library also to go online and
make other use of the computers there. It really is great to use their
I LOVE the Dollar Stores! However not everything there is a bargain
but there are many, many bargains to be found at the Dollar Stores!
Let's not forget the Thrift Shops as well, I bought several tops
there the other day for what I spent for just one at K-Mart the
the day before! Same is true for yard and garage sales!

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