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Designed by my father, Lewis W. Biebigheiser

Welcome to BB's Genealogy Home Page!

Ein liebes Wort am fruehen Morgen erfreut das Herz den ganzen Tag.
(A loving word early in the morning brings joy to the heart the whole day.)

I am working on, seeking, and will try to share what information I can on the following surnames:

APGAR- Hunterdon Co., N.J.
BECK - Northampton Co., PA
BECK- Another site to check out
BIEBIGHEISER- Hunterdon Co., N.J. Also see Information I have about my ancestors.
CORRELL -Northampton Co., PA
GEIS/GUISE/GUEISE/GEIST - Warren Co., N.J. & Northampton Co., PA
HUEFISH- Warren Co., N.J. & Northampton Co., PA
HUNSBERGER- Northampton Co., PA
MOKE- Hunterdon Co., N.J.
QUICK - Northampton Co., PA
REIMEL- Warren Co., N.J. & Northampton Co., PA
STIBEL- Northampton Co., PA
WEIDMAN - Northampton Co., PA

For more information on my ancestors click here.

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My dear husband Peter of 27 yrs. & 6 months passed away Apr. 10,1999- 2 days before what would have been his 48th birthday. He died of congestive heart failure. Please visit: Peter's Memorial Thank you.

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This is a Genealogy Site

The following site is very helpful.
Find A Grave
A useful address

Below is an address I have found helpful in my research:

Easton Area Public Library and District Center
515 Church Street
Easton, Pa 18042-3587
ATT: Sharon Gothard
Marx Room

They do free limited research.
Areas of Northampton Co., PA and
Warren Co., N.J. ( possibly other counties in N.J. & PA)

Send SASE with request.
Ask in first letter what is available but PLEASE be specific.
Try to keep your request simple.

They do charge for copies ( usually about .25 per page).
Hope this is helpful.

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The Morning Call Archives Easton,PA and surrounding areas.

Montgomery Family History My sister's new site concerning our mother's side of the family!

Ancestor Tables of the U.S. Presidents I'm a cousin to Barbara Bush and to President George "W" Bush through the Bruen/Kitchell line

The Ancestors of Bob Bartlett Although not a direct link to my family-there is information on my lines and several others at this site.

Non Genealogy Related Links

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GeorgTrek's World of Weirdness & Fun
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United States Air Force Museum
Visit the U.S. Air Force Museum in Fairborn near Dayton, OH
New Jersey Surnames

I have a book- The Roads of Home- Lanes & Legends of New Jersey by Henry Charlton Beck
Rutgers University Press -copyright 1956 This book has many names in it. You may view this list of names by clicking here.

A 1983 copyrighted version of this book and other books by the same author can be ordered from Rutger's University Press

You may also want to check to see if your library has a copy of this book.
Abraham KITCHELL = Sarah BRUEN
Joseph KITCHELL = Rachel BATES
Aaron KITCHELL = Phoebe FARRAND --S--Grace KITCELL = Samuel FORD Jr.

Lucy KITCHELL = John FAIRCHILD--1st C--Phoebe FORD = Robert MARVIN

Lent W. FAIRCHILD= Abigail LYN--2nd C-- Samuel Ross MARVIN = Julia Ann PLACE

Sarah E. FAIRCHILD = John H. BIEBIGHEISER--3rd C--Jerome Place MARVIN = Martha Anne STOKES

Lloyd W. BIEBIGHEISER = Bertha L. GEIS--4th C--Mabel MARVIN = Scott PIERCE


Bertha B. BUTTNER = Hans-Walter Peter BUTTNER--6th C--Barbara PIERCE = George Herbert W. BUSH

This shows the lines of cousins and how I am related to the first
lady Barbara BUSH. I was unable to get the text lined up just how I
wanted but hope to in the future. The ---S--- means they were siblings and from there on everyone is
cousins to each other except where the = appears indicating marriage.

More information (albeit not all nescesarilly(sp?) correct can be found at the following sites:
The Gene Pool
AncestorTables of the U.S. Presidents