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20. John GEIS was born about 1821 in Prussia. He died unknown date in unknown location. John may have been a stowaway from Germany or Prussia. It is not know when he came over.
I was told by Sadie SMITH GEIS ( wife of George Dalley GEIS) that her husband told her that his grandmother was an Indian ( Delaware or Lenni Lenape) who's name was Elizabeth.
The 1880 Census for Warren County- Belvidere lists a Kziah wife of John Geisse.

Lewis Geis's death certificate list his parents as John Geis and Elizabeth Huefish.

From 1880 Census for Warren Co.- Belvidere, N.J.

Page no.273

Guisse John W M 59
Kziah W F 49 Wife Keeping H
Lewis W M 20 Son Laborer
Elizabeth W F 16 Daughter
Samuel W M 14 Son At school
Mary A. W F 12 Daughter
Jennie W F 9 Daughter

21. Keziah/ Elizabeth UNKNOWN/HUEFISH was born about 1831 in New Jersey. 1880 Census lists Lewis Geis's mother as being Kziah. No last name is given.
Lewis Geis's mother is listed on his death certificate as bien Elizabeth Huefish.
His father is listed as John Geist. She died unknown date in unknown location. 1880 Census for Warren County lists wife of John Geisse as Kziah.Lewis Geis' death certificate list Lewis's mother as being Elizabeth HUEFISH and his father as John GEIS.

Children were:

child10 i. Lewis George GEIS.
child ii. Elizabeth GEIS was born about 1864 in New Jersey.
child iii. Samuel GEIS was born about 1866 in New Jersey.
child iv. Mary A. GEIS was born about 1868 in New Jersey.
child v. Jennie GEIS was born about 1871 in New Jersey.

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