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Lonelyhearts Personal List of Links

BB's List O' Links & Other Stuff: Bertha's List of links
WebShots: Nice pictures for desktop
Active Dayton: News, Weather, Sports, more Games,Puzzles,Fun
Columbia House : DVDs, Music, Video
Ofoto: Your photos online
Nextcard: Shopping online
Michael Cox: Beautiful Pictures
My Personal Yahoo Page


I don't really have anything to say but thought I would put something in here just to fill up space. Actually I am just adding more links and this is a good way to do it. :)

Beatles Links:Links to many sites about the Beatles
And here's another
Beatles song index,lyrics, etc. Need I say more?
Nine Man Morris: AKA Merrelles,Shax, Muhle,etc.
Street German:Not for your typical tourist!
German Culture:More about them Krazy Krauts!

More Bookmarks and Links

Just some more links to pages and sites that I like.

Netflix:Rent DVD's