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Welcome to Bertha's Page

Hello Folks! Well I finally decided to do a page which is mostly about myself. Here you will find pictures of me. Not too many recent ones, however I will try to add those if I ever get any. There may also be some links to sites I feel are important. That's about it for now. More later! This site created on 27 Feb. 2000!

The Buttner Family - December 1998
Peter, Bertha, George & Tiffany

About me - Bertha B. Buttner
I was born on 23 Nov 1952 in Winston-Salem, NC. My full birth name was Bertha Boyd Biebigheiser.
When I was aprox. 3 years old in 1956 I moved with my family to Dayton,OH. This is where I grew up. Although being that I only reached the height of 4 ft. 9 in. - Did I ever really grow up? -Ha, Ha.
I attended Longfellow Elementary ( which I have been told the Wright Bros. also attended for awhile during their lifetime) and then I went on to attend and graduate from Colonel White High School. Graduated June 1,1971.
I am sorry to say that I did not continue my education and go on to colledge. I know now that was a big mistake. I am not sorry that I did get married, however. My late husband & I were married on 18 Sept. 1971. No we did not have a big fancy wedding. We eloped. No we didn't have to get married. We just didn't feel like all of the hassle of a big wedding, etc. Besides that my parents sure couldn't afford one and neither could we. That said -Peter and I were married for 27 years. and 6 mos. and 3 wks. before he ufortunately passed away in his sleep of congestive heart failure. Lord, how I miss him. We produced two beautiful children together. During our life together we moved several times. We have lived in West Virginia, Virginia, Florida, New Jersey and then back to Ohio.

BB's List O' Links & Other Stuff

A few other things about me. I am a survivor of breast cancer. I was diagnosed in 1995. I underwent a modified radical mastectomy and 6 months of chemo. Then in 1996 I had high-dose chemo and a stem cell transplant. So far-so good. I have always wanted to donate blood but for whatever reason my husband wouldn't let me and then after I was diagnosed with cancer I wasn't able to. So if anyone is able to, I think it is a good idea. Think of all the people you help. I myself needed transfusions at least twice. Well, I guess that is about all for now. If I think of anything else to add to this I will. Below are some links to sites that have to do with some of the things I mentioned.

American Cancer Society

America's Blood Centers

Peter's Memorial Page
A site dedicated to my late husband Peter

Bertha-Florida 1975

Peter and Me

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