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Welcome to BB's List O' Links & Other Stuff!

Below is a list of links to other sites that I find interesting! Some have to do with my interests.Please keep scrolling and perhaps you'll find something interesting! Enjoy!

P.S. If there's something you'd like to see here -PLEASE tell me! I will try to add something new often but please be patient. I would GREATLY APPRECIATE your comments and suggestions. So please e-mail me or PLEASE sign my guestbook. THANK YOU! - B.B.

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Can't find a flag at any of the stores but would like one to display?

Please visit:U.S.
You can print one out. Many to choose from.

Photo's and information about The World Trade Center before & after it was destroyed:
Great Buildings Online-World Trade Center

America's Mad as Hell Humor Page
Pokes fun of bin Laden, Taliban, other stuff, also
memorials, cartoons, games, song parodies, etc.
Caution-some content may not be suitable for young children.

In Rememberence of Sept.11,2001
A Collection of 9-11-2001 Tribute/Memorial Sites

Can't Cry Hard Enough
A Tribute to the Victims of Sept.11,2001

Centers for Disease Control and Health Central Dr. Dean Edell's site
Worried about Anthrax?-Get the facts!
Is it true, false or "who knows?" Find out about
all or most of the rumors.(Be sure to check out link listed below also).

Questions, comments, suggestions,etc. -Please sign my guestbook!

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If you can't find anything you like on this page then try:
BB's List O'links page 2
Many Links to Interesting Sites

Wallpaper Heaven

America's Blood Centers

A page to help you some during this difficult time:
BB's Stress Relief Page

List O' Links

Genealogy Links

BB's Genealogy Page
A list of names I'm researching and some links to other sites.

Treasure Maps-The How To Genealogy WWW Site
A Great Site for Beginners- I Highly Recomend It!

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites

A Barrel of Genealogy Links

ShadCat's Free Genealogy Listings

Don Watson's HESSEN GenWeb Site

Search Engines

Lycos Home Page




Animals & Wildlife

Lions & Tigers & Bears! Oh MY!!! & Other Animals,etc.

BB's Tigerama Tiger Zoo

World Wildlife Fund


Endagered Tigers and Wolves

Tiger Information Center

North American Bear Center

Dogs International Market Place

Cat Fanatics

Lot's O' Laughs!


Animation Express
More Animated Cartoons,Satire, Etc.

Cartoonz Best Comics Site in the Universe
Comics and Lots of Other Neat Stuff

The Comic Zone-United Media

King's Features
Many Different Comics!

Mother Goose and Grimm



Humor Database

Links to Clean Joke Sites

Joke of the Day

There's a few jokes on Page 2


The Internet Gaming Zone
Scrabble and Many Other Games

The Station
The Sony Station- Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, & Other Games
The brain games, puzzles and pastimes website

JigZone:Jigsaw Puzzles
Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles




My Yahoo

Hallmark Cards
Send someone a nice e-mail card.

Tired of Junk E-mail? This may help some.


Musicians ( Composers, Performers, etc.)

The Music of Maxfield Parrish by Bob & Robin Orfant
Lovely New Age Music and Maxfield Parrish Artwork

Hearts of Space
New Age Music,etc.

The Mozart Lovers Page

Billy Joel
One of my favorite artists.


Beatles Links
The name says it all.

International Lyrics Server
La, la, la....."How's that song go???"

6000 Volkslieder German & Other Folk Song Lyrics

Ja, ja!


Classical Midi Archives

Laura's Midi Heaven
Original Midi, Postcards, Flags and Much More!

Celtic Midi Files

Music Download Sites
Download your own music, songs, etc.


radio revolution
Find a station that plays the music that you want to hear!
For those of us still tryin' to figure out what the heck our kids are talkin' about!

Books,Book reviews,Book lists,more

Rent all the DVD movies you want! 20 bucks a month.No due dates. No late fees.


Movie Bloopers
More bloopers,goofs,etc.

The Internet Movie Database
Entertainment Reviews For Parents


Clip Art
Clip Art Directoy

Free For You Graphics

Artists & their Works

Dale Chihuly-Glass Artist

Escher Links
Some of these are not about the artist!!

Magic Eye 3D Pictures
Dont get crosseyed!



Human Space Flight
Track the Space Station and/or the Space Shuttle

Best of HST
Great pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope- Awsome!



Top Secret Recipes on the Web


CBS Sportsline
ABC Sports

Other Link Sites

Swampy's Links
Miscecellaneous Links

Women Who Wear Boxers
Interesting Links

Geolor's Favorite Links

Miscellaneous Sites

Mystery Link


I Found Sissi's Missing Faeries!
Be sure to check out their great links archive while your there.

Discover Germany - German Treasures
Info about Germany and the German Culture
Great place to find the best price for gas for car or home. US and Canada

Helpful Household Hints
Out Darn Spot!!

Earth View
Are You in the Dark???

Bulldog Country
More Great Links!

Maisy's Fairie World
Lots of Beautiful pictures!

Heartbeat's 1 and 2 50's and 60's Malt Shop
Have a Blast from the Past!

Beudelaire's Home Page
Beautiful Graphics and helpful tips, etc.

Free Stuff

The Answering Machine
Something different for your answering machine!
On to the second page.
BB's Money Saving Ideas
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Celtic music
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Art ( don't care much for most modern art)
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Good movies

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